Visaal - Last Episode Review!

Visaal’s last episode aired last night and the episode really awed the audience. Visaal was all about the emotional roller coaster ride and a different kind of love story. Hashim Nadeem has truly done the justice with characters and due to marvelous acting done by the star cast; Visaal has managed to keep the audience interest intact.
The Conclusion:
So the last episode of Visaal reveals that Munna has turned out to be a real hero. Despite of several efforts made by Akram to misguide him about Pari, he kept his faith on her and always thought about Pari’s happiness. Pari went to meet Taimoor to refuse him about the proposal, she didn’t want to ditch Munna as he had always been loyal and supportive to her. Taimoor understood her point this and appreciated Pari’s honesty. Munna listened to their entire conversation and made a decision in his heart to leave Pari for her own good. He met with Moulvi Ghufran and convinced him about his decision.

Akram couldn’t bear “no” for an answer as he is quite egoistic and a selfish man who only thinks of his own happiness and wants to marry Pari at any cost. He couldn’t stand the fact that things were going out of his control and against his wish. He pleaded for his love in front of Pari and after her refusal, he forcefully wanted to marry Pari but Munna saved Pari and shot Akram.

So, everything ended on a very perfect note. Munna got arrested by Police in an attempt to shoot Akram but soon was bailed as he did so in defense of Pari. Pari and Taimoor got married and drama ended on their cheerful little domestic chit chat which portrayed them a happy married loving couple.

To be honest, the drama had an excellent story by Hashim Nadeem and superb direction by Ali Hassan. The lead characters had also done justice too their roles, especially Zahid Ahmed who truly deserved round of applause for his brilliant acting skills. He truly deserves to win an award against his acting for his role.
Aashiqi Sabar Talab
Aur Tamanna Betaab
Dil Ka Kya Rang Karon
Khoon-E-Jiggar Hony Tuk
Beautiful piece of poetry from Ghalib and Zahid did a fabulous job when he said this piece at the moment of dying, lending his hand towards Pari. Though his character was hated the most in the drama, but I felt for him when he got shot. His love for Pari proved to be his downfall.
The other characters like Moulvi Ghufran also impressed the audience with his simplicity and forgiving nature, who never judges others but blames himself for her daughter’s mistakes. Naheed – who was Pari’s best friend but proven to be her worst enemy and Doodh Patti for his matchless loyalty with Akram. All did a fantabulous job!
Overall, the drama was an amazing one and the characters of this drama have left the imprints on audience hearts for long.  Who was your favourite character in this drama? Share your thoughts about last episode of Vissal.
By Hina Ghaffar
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