Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai is a 7th Sky Entertainment production, written by Wasi Shah. It is produced by Adullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi while the direction is by Shaqielle Khan who has undoubtedly done a fabulous job. All the artists have done justice to their characters.

The story revolves around Saadan played by Syed Jibraan, Aleena by Tooba Siddiqui, Rama by Faryal Mehmood and Nakheel by Ali Abbas. In the latest episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai it is seen that Rama has started to show her true colors, starting off with Saadan by warning him if he keeps in touch with Aleena she also will get in touch with her old boyfriends. Ouch! Saadan is shocked by the extreme change in her behavior and starts to feel a bit guilty of how he used to accuse and physically abuse Aleena in front of kids. Rama’s hatred for Aleena is also extended towards Saadan’s daughter, Sidra who has to put up with a spiteful person in the nature of a stepmother. She misses her mother and sister, Nimra the most. The servants and Sidra’s tutor also are in dread of Rama and her behavior towards Sidra.

Due to his current circumstances Saadan does not allow Sidra to celebrate her birthday with her mother and sister, but Nimra brings cake and presents to the school next day where they celebrate her birthday. Aleena is not ready to tolerate Saadan’s depressing behavior towards their daughter anymore and she makes it clear to him. Saadan feels guilty and sad for his daughter and lets her spend a fun filled day with her mother at her house where Nakheel also joins them and takes them out to enjoy all day. When she gets back home Saadan asks Sidra about her day spent and she responds happily with the day’s events but Saadan gets caught up on Nakheel’s name and starts to wonder if he was wrong about them.

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