Balaa Episode 21 & 22: Batool’s life is stuck somewhere between heaven and hell

We know how we all have held our horses for this day. Taimoor’s scolding game with Ammi was lit last week and we all have been heated at him for his ferocious acts with Batool too. This chapter started with Nigaar calling Hamza to convince him for sending his mother for rishta. He said that he’s tired of asking his mother and so, Nigaar offered him some assistance and called his mother.
Nigaar broke the news with joy that Hamza’s mother will come in the evening but Batool and Ammi were sensing a storm. Now, one family is ready to send rishta for Batool, meanwhile Taimoor went to ask Zafar Sahab regarding Junaid’s proposal for Batool, but he was startled to see a bottle spilling alcohol all over the floor.
Nigaar asked Taimoor to join them during the visit by Hamza´s family. The arrogance of Hamza´s mother was on top of the hill when she arrived. She started pointing fingers at Batool in front of Taimoor and kept calling her ‘hotel wali’ which obviously triggered him. After a while of disrepute, Hamza’s mother left and then we witnessed what went behind-the-scenes. Nigaar had already told Hamza’s mother to pay them a visit and disrespect them in front of Taimoor, so as to end this relationship. What a cunning lady!
The next day when Zafar Sahab came, Taimoor agreed for the rishta and so, Batool and Junaid´s marriage was fixed. We still don’t have a clue why he agreed to this even after knowing that Junaid hadn’t quit alcohol. Although, Batool knew that her life is now going to be a road to hell. On the wedding day when Batool was in her room, Nigaar made her realize that Junaid hadn’t forgotten Zeba yet but she’s sure that Batool could help him do so.
Something really unexpected happened when Zafar Sahab sent Junaid to Batool in their room. She was already scared and oh blimey, Junaid has had his alcohol ready. He started drinking in front of her and she literally went cold, started shivering and crying. To add to her misery, Junaid also forced her to pledge on her life that she had never been in love with anyone else and that if something of the sort happens, she should die a treacherous death. No wonder what will happen to the poor Batool who has ended up in Junaid´s spoiled life. We so hope Taimoor will come to the rescue and get rid of that Balaa; Nigaar to restore harmony in everyone´s lives!
Mondays have never been any better and we just can´t wait for the next chapter of this exceptional masterpiece to unfold.

By Asbah Umais

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