Balaa Episode 23-24 Review:

Balaa is a master piece of Big Bang Productions, directed by Badar Mahmood, scripted by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, and airs every Monday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.
The latest episode of Balaa was quite happening. Shama seems keen to see Batool and asks Taimoor to visit Batool with breakfast (a tradition in family where bride’s family visits bride and groom at breakfast). As always, Nigar opposes her and asks her as to why she needs to send breakfast to Batool when there are servants at her home to make breakfast for them. Taimoor doesn’t account her opposition and asks Saleha to get ready to go to Batool’s house with Taimoor.
Nigar again tries to turn Shama as culprit in front of Taimoor, but Taimoor has now started seeing with his own eyes. So, up to Taimoor’s disappointment, Junaid didn’t quit drinking and he arrogantly expresses this in front of Taimoor and family. When Taimoor inquires, he and Zafar shamelessly accept that it is Batool’s luck if she got a husband like this.
Junaid also refuses to send Batool with them and informs them that he will take Batool to graveyard first and then he might take her to their home along with him. He even doesn’t let Taimoor and Saleha to talk to Batool alone. Taimoor in his deepest of regrets controls his anger towards Junaid but the realization that Batool’s life has ruined because of his wrong decision haunts him.
Shama anxiously waits for Batool to come home but she gets upset when she sees Taimoor and Saleha arrive without Batool. Taimoor inquires Nigar about Junaid, she blames Taimoor blatantly as he went to Zafar for Batool’s proposal, also due to Batool’s character and her affair with that doctor guy, there were no other options left with them but to choose Junaid. Taimoor intimidates her if Batool will not stay happy at her home, he will not let Nigar happy at his home.
Junaid takes Batool to graveyard and asks her to take inspiration; he confesses to Batool that he wanted to kill Zeba himself but Zeba herself died due to brain haemorrhage. He refuses to take Batool to her home and asks her to stay home and keep the distance with servant Yaqoob.
Junaid keeps on doubting his wife’s character and doesn’t let her live peacefully. When he finally takes Batool to her home, Nigar keeps on taunting her and Shama to make them feel miserable. Junaid on the other hand behaves well with Shama and leaves her satisfied. But he again changes his behaviour with Batool in car which actually terrifies her.
The other night when Batool finds Junaid drunk around the pool, Junaid once again bashes her and disrespects her. When he couldn’t take her arguments further he turns around and shoots her….and left us all in a shock! But sigh! The episode ended right there.
So, the latest episode deserves a rounding applause especially for Asad Siddiqui for his flawless acting skills. Batool is also doing justice to her role. Samina Peerzada’s natural, be in character look and acting skills are also praiseworthy. Bilal Abbas Khan and Ushna Shah are doing phenomenal job on their part and actually make drama a worth watch. The story is getting interesting and super intense and we are anxiously waiting for the next episode. Let’s see how things roll out in upcoming episodes. Please share your thoughts!
By Hina Ghaffar

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