Another sensational episode of the block buster by Saadia Jabbar Productions aired last night. Khafa Khafa Zindagi is reaching the heights of popularity for its unique story. A story that deeply touches the souls of the viewers. The outstanding performances of the talented cast steal our hearts away especially the young Gulzar, who is a complete package of emotions and lifelike expressions.
Afroze calls Bilal and asks him something that sounds outrageous for him. We were shocked to hear when she actually proposed Bilal to marry her. What courage! But before Bilal could utter a word, a swirling slap by Afroze´s mom leaves her shaken. She abused Afroze while she stood there, passing a meaningful smile to her mother. Afroze’s mom locks her in a room and yells at the father who keeps listening to her saying nothing in response. He knows that the cunning mother is responsible for everything that‘s happening to his daughters but lacks courage to control the situation. Tolerant? Or a mere coward!
Bilal gets worried -- tries to call back but doesn’t get any response. He leaves the office with Khirad to pick Gulzar from school. Gulzar leaves the school and doesn’t go home. Well he had a valid reason for not going. He was scared to death having flash backs of his phupo Amber, beating and threatening the innocent Gulzar and Khirad all the time. Gulzar sleeps in the back yard of the school while Bilal freaks out trying to find him all day until a man returns him home in the evening. Gulzar doesn’t even utter a word in his defense.
Sara tries to file a case for Khirad’s custody but her evil mother makes her swear that she will never file a case for children’s custody again. What reason did she have? Nothing but to ruin some more lives.
Finding her room unlocked, Afroze sneaks out of her house and reaches straight to Bilal’s place. Bilal gets shocked to see her at such an early hour. She insists Bilal to marry her once again while Bilal persistently suggests her to go back home. She promises to leave after dropping Gulzar to school. On his way to school, Gulzar finds some courage to tell his beloved khala about the oppression of his phupo, however, Amber’s threats halt him and he rushes to school without saying a single word. Poor kid!
Afroze reaches back home and encounters her evil mother. She quickly grabs a frying pan and holds it up. Her mother gets shocked and starts abusing Afroze for leaving the house. Soon before she could say some more, Afroze hands over the frying pan to her mother and asks her to beat her to death and finish her once and for all. What a courageous girl! Starved Afroze reaches for the refrigerator and begins to stuff her mouth with whatever food she sees. Her mother remains quiet.
Bilal senses the agitation of Gulzar but the courageous child doesn’t let his father know the truth. Alas! This is what happens when families are torn apart, the personality and confidence of the kids get shattered. Is Gulzar ever going to let Bilal know the reality? Will he accept Afroze´s proposal for marriage? Will the sufferings finally end? Well, we are as eager to find this out as you are!

By Asbah Umais

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