Ghamand Episode 19 Review 

This episode of Ghamand featured a new twist to the story. Even though Hani had not really accepted the marriage and was keeping Maqsood at a distance, he insists on getting close to her as their relationship has changed. Still devastated about her situation, she does not have any choice but to oblige. Result is that she is now about to become the mother to his child.

Everyone in the house is ecstatic and can’t wait for the baby to arrive. This was Shaheena’s whole plan, but she isn’t truly happy, even though she pretends to be just as glad as everyone. What is actually bothering her is the attention that Maqsod seems to be lavishing on Hani. She thought that by getting Hani married to Maqsood, she would be able to keep her husband to herself, but the tables are turning. She keeps thinking of how her father told her that men are never loyal and this continues to make her even more conscious of Maqsood’s every action.

On the other hand, Chandni is approached by her phuppo’s son and is unable to reject his offer of love and marriage. But the phuppo refuses point blank, as her mother was a prostitute. As much as it has hurt her, it has also devastated Maqsood.

What will be the fate of the characters? Would Hani again be traumatized by Shaheena? Will she ever be able to accept Maqsood as her life partner? Will Chandni find a partner better than her phuppo’s son? Will Shaheena again win like she is used to? You will only be able to find out in the next episode of Ghamand, same time next week.

By Sehrish Qazi
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