Ghamand: Episode 21 Review

"Ghamand" is hugely popular as it is produced by Sadia Jabbar Productions, the creators of "Balu Mahi". The drama is written by Saira Raza and directed by Asim Ali. The lead characters are being played by Sunita Marshall as Shaheena, Noman Ijaz as Maqsood and Minal Khan as Haani.

The recent episode started with Maqsood asking Shaheena to help him find a better proposal for Chandni, as in previous episode Chandni got rejected because of her background. Later Shaheena found a police officer's proposal for Chandni and straight away did their nikkah.

On the other hand, Maqsood told Haani to stop living in her mother's room and come back in her own on which Shaheena interrupted, reminding him that the only purpose of his marriage with Haani was to get an heir to the family and that has been done. Selfish Shaheena asked for a divorce between two of them on which Maqsood refused at first place. Later she threatened him that either Maqsood distance himself from Hani and divorce her or she will be breaking Chandni and DSP Zaman's relationship.

In the end, we saw Shaheena meeting Haroon, yet again as she is plotting a new game plan for her own benefits may be. We wonder what is being cooked in her mind now! Will Maqsood divorce Haani? What will be Chandni's fate? Will Shaheena get Maqsood back? To find out, we will have to wait for the next episode.

By Laiba Tanveer

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