Mera Khuda Janay - Episode 29 Review

Mera Khuda Janay is one of the most captivating drama serial of GEO TV that airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m.; scripted by Samina Ejaz. The drama is a blockbuster of 7th Sky Entertainment, a production house that doesn’t need any introduction but only applause for their brilliant work, produced by the fantastic duo, Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani and directed by Zeeshan Ahmed.

The lead characters of the drama are Ali Abbas as Waleed, Hira Mani as Roohi, Anum Fayyaz as Iqra, and Aly Khan as Shafeeq. The supporting cast includes; Nida Mumtaz as Kulsoom, Rabia Noreen as Razia, Alizey Rasool as Shahana, Fouzia Mushtaq as Bushra, Injeel as Takbeer.

So, the second last episode of Mera Khuda Janay has some interesting twists and turns. Waleed meets Shafeeq to discuss about his frustration with regards to Roohi and the person he saw her with. Shafeeq thinks Roohi has exposed him and plans to kill Waleed in his heart. But to his luck Waleed is still unaware of the fact, so he asks him to forgive Roohi and accepts Takbeer as his daughter. Waleed gets annoyed and suspects him as to why is he favoring Takbeer a lot as if she is his own daughter.

Shafeeq plans to get Iqra involves in the matter as he is afraid that Waleed will know the fact sooner or later, so he tells Iqra that Roohi is having an affair with someone. To her immense shock Iqra doesn’t believe this but promises to find out about that man to whom Roohi is having affair with. She inquires Waleed about this and Waleed gets afraid if Iqra has found out his secret.

Waleed and Roohi get into a quarrel again and Takbeer sees that, being an innocent soul, she couldn’t tolerate this and asks Roohi to leave this house as his father no longer loves her and she doesn’t want to stay with him anymore.

On the other hand, Shahana and Shafeeq plan to visit the Northern areas for a holiday trip. Iqra’s mother has to visit her elder daughter in an emergency so she calls Iqra and asks her to stay with Waleed as much as she can.

Takbeer is really angry with his father, but Waleed doesn’t bother about it and scolds her in front of everyone. In a very disturbed state, he finds a corner in his house and mumble with his mother’s picture to share his grievances. Iqra happens to hear him muttering and finds out the fact that Waleed is impotent and Takbeer is not his real daughter.

The story has come to its peak and the suspense is about to go intense. Will Iqra stay with Waleed? What will be Waleed’s stance when he will get to know the truth? Will Shafeeq harm him in some way?

All in all, the latest episode of Mera Khuda Janay was a treat to watch. To find out how this drama will end, don’t forget to watch the climax in its last episode next Wednesday.

What are your views about the latest episode of Mera Khuda Janay? Please share.

By Hina Ghaffar

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