Ghamand Episode 18: What Exactly Is Shaheena Up To?

Another wonderful episode of Ghamand aired on A Plus lately reaching a soul stirring climax. A sugarcoated torture shattered the innocent Umme Hani’s fragile heart and soul. A beautiful production by Sadia Jabbar Productions has proved to be an obsession to the eyes. The lifelike performances of the cast and the committed efforts of the production crew assure this drama serial to be everyone’s favorite.

The story continues as Shaheena expresses her love to Hani, on the very next morning of Umme Hani and Maqsood’s nikkah. Distressed Hani believes that she is paying back Shaheena’s love by submitting to her and leaving behind her happiness. So true! Everybody comes to Hani’s room with breakfast, where Hani loses controls over her emotions. Poor Hani cries for being used by everyone for their own sake. 

After being discharged from hospital, Haroon gets worried about Hani’s last call that she made to him. Shehnaz convinces confused Haroon not to worry and rest properly to heal up. But as soon as they come home, they receive a basket of sweets from Shaheena. Haroon completely loses mind when the maid reveals the fact that Maqsood and Hania are finally married. Angry yet confused he rushes out of the house to see Hania. But before he reaches Shaheena’s place, Shehnaz and Shaheena plan to distract him and control the situation. Haroon rushes inside the house where Shaheena tries to misguide him. To see Hania in person, he approaches the staircase where he hears Hania laughing aloud. Believing her contentment on her decision, he steps back and leaves. Hania, laughing? How come? Hania was laughing her pains out and crying at the same time while poor Chandi was helpless to comfort her.

Maqsood starts observing Hani with interest, admiring her beauty and staring her intensely. Hani becomes extremely uncomfortable. She removes her makeup and jewelry and requests Maqsood to leave the room. Maqsood leaves, what a pity!

Maqsood and his mother take Hania to a Darbar, to pray for a baby boy. Shaheena unpredictably joins them declaring that she also wishes best for Hania. While back at home Azra and Rashda were shocked to notice Chandi and Aezaz together. They showed their hatred towards Chandi to Amma ji, which she totally discards. Azra also shows her hopes up for Haroon but gets a strong criticism by Rashda for keeping such bold attributes. Amma ji tries to feed Hani’s mind against Shaheena but gets interrupted. Poor Amma Ji, better luck next time.

Haroon is totally crushed, believing that Hani is happy with her marriage. Shehnaz persuades him to forget Hani and move on. While on the other side Maqsood shows his affection to Hani, and finally convinces her to accept the fate. Shaheena tries to get involved in Hani’s personal life but Hani halts her and reacts indifferently. Shaheena finally satisfies her Ghamand by looking at the distressed and hopeless Hani. Shaheena finally shows her true self to Maqsood when she stops Maqsood to sleep in her bedroom leaving him shocked. Will Shaheena succeed in her evil plans? Will Hani accept her fate? Let us know what you think will happen in the next episode of Ghamand. Till then our fingers are crossed.

By Asbah Umais

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