Naulakha Episode 16: Greed is a curse!

The wonderful direction of Shehrazade Sheikh and creation by 7th Sky Entertainment, "Naulakha" is being loved and appreciated by the viewers since its very first episode. Screen play is written by the famous Sana Shabbir, Reema Ali and the renowned Umera Ahmed.
The lead characters are being played by Sarwat Gillani as Tehreem, Bushra Ansari as Noor Jehan, Behroz Sabzwari as Anwer Ali, Kiran Haque as Shafaq, Arjuman Hussain as Akbar Ali, Gul-e-Rana as Mumtaz and Mirza Zain Baig as Zain.
The latest episode started with Zain and Anwer Ali doing an argument. Zain asked Anwer Ali for his father's share of money from the property on which Anwer yet again managed to say no by giving false excuses; seems both father and daughter are taking full advantage of Zain's adoption of Samar who is Qurat-ul-ain's child. Anwer Ali was planning to transfer everything to Samar's name and not willing to give a single penny to Noor Jehan and her daughter, due to which he said a straight away no to Noor Jahan when she asked for Shafaq's share.
Things are getting complicated between the two families all again. Noor Jehan plans Zain's marriage with Shafaq and tries to convince both Akbar Ali and Shafaq for that, her selfish attempt can clearly be seen here. As the event twists, Zain feels devastated on his father's announcement of his second marriage!
The greed of Naulakha is still there. We don’t see anything more important than the heritage and property to all the three families. We wonder about the trio's destiny yet again. Will it be a happy ending? What will be Tehreem's reaction about Zain’s marriage news? Will they return Samar back to Qurat-ul-ain? For all this information we will have to wait till the next episode.
By Laiba Tanveer

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