Khafa Khafa Zindagi Episode 9: Afroz’s Struggles to Get Her Sister and Bilal Back Don’t Seem to Work

Sadia Jabbar Production’s masterpiece with Ali Safina and Sumbal Iqbal is absolutely enthralling to watch. This tale of destruction through divorce is getting views like crazy on YouTube. This week´s chapter started off when Sara’s sister Afroz came to visit her nephew Gulzar. Basically, Afroz is trying her level best to get Bilal and Sara together again but her attempts go to waste. Sara’s life is getting awful day by day as she can´t get over the memories of her kids and her first love Bilal, and this is also affecting her performance at work.

Afroz tried to persuade Sara to reconcile with Bilal because he was having a hard time taking care of the kids with an empty pocket, but Sara bursts into tears and starts yelling at Afroz. The next day, Sara handed some money to Afroz and asked her to give it to Gulzar.

Bilal woke up the next day and found the money on his bed side. Upon asking, Gulzar revealed that Sara sent him this money to buy some books. Bilal, in rage, intruded into his in-laws´ home asking for Sara and threw the money right on his mother in law´s face. When he leaves, Sara´s mother shouts at her for keeping contact with Bilal and the kids.

It was all a wave of bare emotions and twists wants in today’s episode and still, things don’t seem to go the right way. Will Afroz be able to get success in her efforts to get Sara and Bilal back together? What will Gulzar and Khirad go through in the meanwhile? We can’t wait till next Wednesday to find out.

By Asbah Umais

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