Ghamand Episode 20: Maqsood has finally been blessed with an heir!

Sadia Jabbar Productions never fails to captivate the audience with her outstanding projects. Ghamand, with its exceptional plot woven with intrigue and possessiveness, keeps the viewers enthralled. Previously we saw how Shaheena forcefully married Maqsood and Hani to get an heir to the family. Maqsood became more considerate towards Haani after she conceived.

In the recent episode, Chandi and Aizaz go through a tear in their relationship as Aizaz´s mother refused to accept Chandi as her daughter in law. Enraged upon this, Maqsood announces that he would find a proposal for Chandi on his own now and calls one of his friends for his doctor son. He also asks everyone not to tell the family regarding Chandi´s mother. Envious of Chandi, Aizaz´s sister tells the family about Chandi´s background on which they insult Chandi and refused to accept her.

Haroon agrees to marry somewhere else and his mother is delighted to give the news to Haani and her family. Meanwhile, Shaheena tells Maqsood that the culprit behind this incident was his own sister´s daughter, on which he gets furious and declares that he would kill her for doing this. As soon as he gets up, the maid announces that Haani needs to be taken to the hospital pronto. At the hospital the nurse congratulates the family for having a son.
Shaheena, Maqsood and everyone else is extremely happy on the news except Haani, who is shattered on being used by everyone for their happiness. The teasers suggest that Shaheena would now wish for a divorce between Maqsood and Haani as she has now gotten what she wanted from Haani. What will poor Haani have to face now? What will be Chandi´s fate? We have to sit back and wait for the plot to unravel in the upcoming episodes.

By Asbah Umais

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