Latest episode of Mera Khuda Janay is what you can call eventful. Things have settled down between Waleed and Roohi, and even though he has not forgiven her, he has accepted his fate because Takbeer means the world to him. What’s more, Waleed is also terrified of the judgements of people finding out that he is impotent.

This is the crux of the episode. Iqra is pressurizing Waleed to visit a fertility doctor to get himself checked, so that they can have a child together. Waleed due to obvious reasons wants to get out of the situation and constantly contacts Shafeeq for help, who knows about Waleed’s condition. Shafeeq suggests that Waleed hides the fact of his impotency from Iqra at all costs.

Iqra on the other hand is convinced that it is Roohi who isn’t letting Waleed visit the doctor in order to stop Iqra and Waleed from having a child of their own. She tells her mother, who takes her to an ‘aalim’. The baba, who is a fraud, proclaims it is Roohi who has performed vile black magic on Iqra thereby putting barriers in her desire of having a child.

Iqra confronts Roohi and forces her to talk to Waleed and persuading him to visit the doctor. Roohi, even though she does not want to, is pressurized into doing exactly that. Will Iqra be able to create a rift between Waleed and Roohi once again or will Roohi force Waleed into accepting his weakness? Will Waleed see just how evil Iqra can get to get what she wants? We would only find out next week, when the new episode of Mera Khuda Janay telecasts. Be sure to tune in to Geo TV on time!

By Sehrish Qazi

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