7th Sky Entertainment literally leaves us spellbound with their amazing work! Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, as a producing team have no competition anywhere in sight. Their ongoing drama serial "Mera Khuda Janay" on Geo TV is a masterpiece.
The storyline revolves around a happily married but childless couple, Wlaeed (Ali Abbas) and Roohi (Hira Mani). Waleed's cousin Iqra (Anum Fayyaz) admired him and wished to be his wife and this is what his mum takes advantage of by pairing him off with Iqra when she sees that Roohi has not been able to have a child. No one except Roohi and Shafiq, her rapist know about Waleed's impotency and he is frightened of what would happen if anyone ever found out, which is why even though he is severely hurt by Roohi's deceit (as he sees it, not knowing about the rape) still keeps her in the house.
The 28th episode, is a must watch as it craftily spins a tale of guilt and drama over its central characters. The most noteworthy event of this episode is however, that forced by Shahana, her sister-in-law, Iqra takes a fertility test and finds that there are treatable complications that are limiting her chances to become a mother which devastates her and increases her suspicions that Roohi is casting magic and spells on her in order to alienate her from Waleed.
Even the seasoned drama watcher cannot help but be moved by Waleed's pathetic plight- juggling with the realization of impotency- a defect in his own body that is not of his doing, stung by Roohi's supposed infidelity and having to watch proof of that encounter in the shape of a daughter called Tabeer and most of all, living with Roohi physically while emotionally reliving all the drama again and again. And Roohi? What of her? She is an innocent bystander- someone who was living a happy contented life and all of a sudden someone else's decisions and an evil man's misdeed have made her into an outcast in her own home while listening to injurious taunts from her beloved husband day in and day out. We see many instances where Roohi could have explained to Waleed the course of events that have brought them to this point but fear, even greater than Waleed's hatred keeps her from giving her rapist’s actions and identity away.
Will Roohi ever be able to break her silence? What will be the tipping point for her patience? Will Waleed ever believe her now that Tabeer is getting older and older? Or will Waleed come to know about this event from someone else? Will Shafiq harm Waleed in some way? So many questions… that's what keeps us glued to the screen this drama hour!

By Sumera Shahid

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