Naulakha, a precious necklace, breaks the family to shreds. Every individual shares the same dilemma, lust of wealth, pride and supremacy. All we’re talking about is the great blockbuster drama serial Naulakha. Another episode of Naulakha aired last night proving the great creation of 7th Sky Entertainment. The most unique style of this serial makes it more appealing. The elegant Mughal style wardrobe, interiors and the life style, makes us just WOW!
Anyway the story continues when we can see the lustful Anwar Ali talking to Mumtaz about how they are losing the game they tried to play artfully. They worry about the second marriage of Zain Ali and most of all, the return of the adopted grandson of Anwar Ali. Mumtaz decides to talk to Tehreem and Akbar Ali about this matter. While on the other side Zain Ali was being forced to return Samar back as he was not Zain Ali’s heir in any way. Akbar Ali and Noor Jahan forces him to go for a second marriage for a rightful heir. Zain Ali gets tangled up and reaches for Tehreem to talk to her about it. Poor Tehreem didn’t know that a lightning bolt was going to hit her.
Wavering minded Zain Ali finally finds courage to talk to Tehreem about Samar. She breaks down to pieces, thinking about losing Samar whom she loved like her own child.  Soon the conversation becomes worse and painful for her as she realizes Zain Ali’s motive.
Mumtaz clearly warns Tehreem not to abandon Samar or even think about leaving Haweli. Tehreem still swings between right and wrong turns of her uncertain mind. She calls Zain Ali home and fights with him about it. She blames Zain Ali for selfishness and Tehreem gets a title of a narrow minded woman. They simply deny cooperation and soon before things could get better, Tehreem packs her bags and leaves Haweli with Samar unannounced.
Noor Jahan gets really mad at her disrespectful behavior. She persuades Akbar Ali to talk to Zain about it. Zain Ali also gets distressed to hear that. He tries to call Tehreem but she doesn’t attend his calls deliberately. Mumtaz tries to convince Tehreem to change her mind but all her efforts turn to ashes. Tehreem loses all hopes on Zain Ali. She was brokenhearted, no doubt!
Shafaq gets curious but finally realizes the reasons behind Tehreem’s behavior. Noor Jahan strictly halts her when she tries to change Noor Jahan’s mind about Shafaq and Zain Ali’s marriage.  It is so obvious that Noor Jahan is utilizing the circumstances to go in her own favor. Anwar Ali and Qurrat ul Ain try to handle the situation cleverly as they didn’t want to lose the property. On the other side Zain Ali tries to bring Tehreem back to Haweli but she declines. She even allows him to do whatever he wanted, even a second marriage. But when it comes to Naulakha possession, Mumtaz refuses to handover Naulakha to Zain Ali.
Zain Ali returns home empty handed, making Akbar Ali more aggressive. He shows disappointment in Tehreem for being stubborn and disrespectful. Noor Jahan and Akbar Ali ask Zain Ali about bringing Naulakha back. On her negative response, Akbar Ali calls Mumtaz to return the precious Naulakha but she refuses to give it back. Moreover, she threats Akbar Ali for what he did to Tehreem. What will happen to Tehreem? Will she have her broken heart mended? As for Zain Ali, is he also taking Tehreem for granted just because she is not able to bear a child anymore? Stay tuned to find out.

By Asbah Umais

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