Sara and Afroze in the battle field - Who will be the winner?

Kifayat Rodani and Sadia Jabbar Productions combine to present A-TVs brilliant production- Khafa Khafa Zindagi- supported of course by veteran and young versatile cast members.
Sumbul Iqbal stars as Sara while Ali Safeena portrays the character Bilal. The 12th episode was aired on November 21 and it started with the sad demise of Bilal and Sara's love- the first step in a gradual and deliberately planned divorce. The setting is a court room- Bilal has his friend as witness and Sara brings along Afroze, her youngest sister as witness. One Talaaq is uttered with the option to complete the process at a later stage.
Afroze feels betrayed by Sara and gives her ultimatum- she will take Sara's place as Bilal's wife and be both a supportive wife and an exemplary mother in difficult trying times, which she considers that Sara has not even tried to be. Sara is shocked and so is their mother who locks Afroze in her room so that she cannot carry out her daring plan. The father as usual is neither allowed, nor attempts, to speak so no worries from that quarter. Afroze though, keeps calling to him… wonder why???
Bilal has by now moved in his mum and younger bitter sister whom he never gets along with. The sister is another sharp tongued woman who spares no one and plots incessantly to keep the house where they live lest her brother Bilal kicks her and his mother out. He starts sending his son to school and drops him on his way to school while picking him up during his lunch- break. His sister is neglectful of his toddler daughter so he requests for and is granted permission to take her to the office. His office colleagues first wonder and are later disturbed due to the baby's crying and Bilal has a showdown with his left hand female colleague who complains to the boss- but the boss is supportive of Bilal's oh so serious attempts at fatherhood and does not listen to the other employees.
Sara meanwhile is progressing steadily in her career and opportunities to get close to Bilal's friend, also her immediate boss present himself in various guises- will Sara now be attracted to her boss? Will he come close to her knowing the story behind Sara's divorce and being witness to it?
The episode began with a bang and ends with an even bigger storm- Afroze proposes to Bilal on the phone with her mother listening in on her with an astonished expression… can't wait to see what this storm is going to stir now!!!!
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