The last episode of Ghamand, a captivating APlus drama serial, was aired on Friday night. The episode is based on making things right for all the aggrieved parties and justice and retribution.

Till date we have seen that Shaheena has been quite the clever fox, sacrificing Hani's youth and beauty to provide an heir for her husband in place of herself since she can never be a natural mother. But when her husband Maqsood begins to get too attached to Hani, whom she had gotten married to Maqsood to get a child, Shaheena becomes jealous, anxious and fearful for her own future and security. So she plots to get rid of Hani by staging for her nephew to be seen entering Hani's room so that Maqsood becomes disillusioned with her and  a fit of rage and anguish divorces her while taking the baby boy from her. 

This last episode has been about Maqsood realizing what all has taken place and deciding what to do to make matters right. Hani goes to him to beg him to consider giving her son back to her but he needs time to think. Haroon, to whom Shaheena then got Hani married to, sends a legal notice for the baby boy but the couple learns about the stipulation that if a mother remarried her claim to a child from the first marriage becomes zero. This depresses Hani but she doesn't give up. In the most important scene of the episode, Shaheena is explaining the turn of manipulated events to Hani when her mother in law, Haroon's mother overhears everything and turns on Shaheena. During this conversation, Maqsood has the boy Ahad returned to Hani whom Shaheena snatches back. Maqsood orders her to give the child back to its rightful mother and exits the room after letting Shaheena know that he now knows of her true character.

The final scene shows the happy young couple with their baby and Shaheena and Maqsood left alone, wallowing in regret. Maqsood admonished Shaheena for her selfishness that has brought about discontent and unhappiness to all. He advises her to be happy with Allah has provided for them and think no more of what is not in their reach.

It is a lesson that is integral to all our lives if we can but heed and understand it...

By Sumera Shahid

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