Balaa Episode 27 & 28: Nigar’s Conspiracies Busted at Last

A unique story of obsession, jealousy and wickedness, “Balaa”, aired last night on ARY digital. The story revolves around the mean and crumpled nature of Nigar and the victims of her shrewd wickedness. The characters of this prime-time drama serial sneak our hearts away because of their outstanding performances. Thanks to Big Bang Entertainment, Balaa is reaching the heights of popularities among the spectators. So the story continues with another game played by Nigar.
The opening thoughts were really sad as we could see Shama crying for her murdered daughter Batool, feeling helpless. Zafar yells and argues with Shama and finally brings his Balaa, ooops, Nigar back home. Nigar plays another game beautifully to shuffle Taimoor’s mind and regain her lost image. “Sab kuch mujh per chor den”, says Nigar when his confused mean father tries to look through her mind for the nasty plan. Of course she carries the despicable talents to target her goals.
The nasty plan was to trap Hamza and his mother in this scenario to distract Taimoor. Nigar calls Hamza’s mother to play a trick on her which really worked. She asks her to send her son Hamza out of country somewhere if she wants to save her son and her own image from being spoiled in Hamza’s eyes. She gets trapped in Nigar’s trick in no time and books tickets of USA for him. Hamza finally flies to USA after an emotional persuasion by his threatened mother. Wasting no time Nigar informs Taimoor that Dr.Hamza has secretly run away. Proving him as a suspect in Batool’s murder. Bravo Nigar, nice game!
Taimoor confirms the news from the hospital and even Hamza’s residence. Taimoor faces the frightened brain-washed mother of Hamza when she bursts on him and threats him unpredictably. The things go exactly the way Nigar wants. Taimoor gets brain washed once again, reaches for Nigar and brings her back home. Mission accomplished, congratulations Nigar!
Junaid on the other side faces traumas one after another. He claims to see the ghosts of both of his dead wives threatening him. Watching him behave like crazy, Zafar gets terrified. Junaid is reaping what he sowed. No wonder!
Taimoor tries to convince his mother Shama about the reality that he perceived out of Nigar’s mean plan. Being shattered inside, she says nothing as she can’t have her daughter back. Taimoor’s brain wash is an achievement of Nigar. While on the other side she is definitely losing her brother. Junaid’s guilt doesn’t let him rest at all. He screams and shouts in fear and finally finds a solution to find some peace. He requests his father Zafar to let him confess his murders to police. The word “Police” shakes his soul and he becomes frightened even more. He thinks about a psychiatrist for Junaid but Nigar strictly halts him to do so. Just to hide their sins, Zafar and Nigar decide to drug him to sleep. How could anyone do that to their loved one!
Taimoor gets an eye opening moment when he finds out about Nigar’s mean act of locking the kitchen stuff. Taimoor finally finds out about Nigaar´s arrogance towards his family and gets furious on it but his mother cools him down and comforts Nigar. She asks Nigar to take Saliha with her to the doctor as she wasn’t feeling well. Nigar doesn’t let even a checkup go clean. The doctor tells Nigar in private that Saliha may have cancer. Brightened up with more conspiracies, her mind starts making more filthy plans. She lies to Shama – tells her that Saliha is completely fine and the medical reports are clear. How cruel of her! Shama tries to convince Taimoor to treat Nigar politely. Nigar tries her best to get Taimoor under her control but fails. Will she be able to manipulate Taimoor? Will Junaid finally go to a mental asylum for some peace? Share your comments and stay tuned for the next bunch of episodes.
By Asbah Umais

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