Is the end near for Nigar???

The episode starts with the demise of Swaleha baji who has been quite ill lately but of course only Nigar the balaa knew about it. Neither Shama nor Taimoor, being distraught and grief ridden with Batool's death noticed these painful spells while Nigar went as far as going with Swaleha baji to the doctor who was about to question Nigar about it and reveal her complicit knowledge of Swaleha baji's fatefully unfortunate condition but was prevented by a call so that no one came to know about it after all. So now Shama begum is left alone with her son and his wife, having lost a daughter soon after marriage and one soon before. Something tells us marriage doesn't agree with the family…the mother widowed, the daughters dead and the son trapped with a monster-cum-angel.. tragic by the bucket loads.
Shama begum is under the circumstances logically and predictably losing her mind- having lost two daughters and constantly bearing the evil presence of a daughter in law who is bent on destroying her is enough to rob her of any mental health she may have left. So Shama begum strolls outside her house and one day stumbles upon Saba who has returned back after being divorced from Mateen. Saba seeks everyone's forgiveness and although Taimoor is not willing to even look at her at the moment, one wonders how long he can resist his attraction for her and he melts and forgives her? Probably not long now, the way events in the storyline are unfolding and the climax of the story- the demise of all evil, aka balaa Nigar, her darling pa and not so darling brother Junaid. If  the secret formula to every drama serial or life story is the sad result of the so called villains and triumph of the so called heroes, why then do our heroes like Shama begum suffer so much throughout?
Anyway, Taimoor's daughter is getting older and the rift between him and Nigar is getting wider. Nigar by the way has also been denounced of sorts by her own father to whom she complains that everyone around her is like a statue and she is very unhappy, to which he replies that then she herself must be the statue since anyone who comes in contact with her turns into one. She is dumbfounded at his taunt but shrugs it off.
Throughout the two episodes we see the story slowly nearing its ending- how Shama is beginning to show signs of being upset with Nigar who deliberately agitates her, the widening distance between Taimoor and his wife and now the entry of his former love (one sided only) has made the drama serial a bit more interesting if predictable. I for can predict what will happen, but it remains to be seen how the writer has penned the ending, keeping it intriguing even while the writing is on the wall for everyone to not only guess but see as well…

By Sumera Shahid

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