Balaa is a mega hit drama serial of Big Bang Entertainment which is directed by Badar Mahmood, and scripted by Zanjabeel Asim Shah. The drama airs every Monday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.
The latest set of episodes of Balaa was quite happening. Junaid falls in shower unconscious and doctor suggests him some psychic help. Nigar doesn’t approve the idea as she thinks it will lead her to embarrassment against her in-laws.
Nigar tells about Junaid to Shama to which Taimoor bitterly blames Junaid’s drinking as reason for his unconsciousness, this leads them into heated arguments till the limit that Taimoor is about to raise hand on Nigar. Nigar leaves home after that and Taimoor strictly forbids Shama not to bring her back home.
Zafar feels happy upon Nigar’s arrival and wants her to pay attention to Junaid but Nigar calls him selfish who thinks only for Junaid and not about her anymore. Later, Junaid was again found in washroom all bleeding and knocked-out to which Zafar decides to consult with psychiatrist finally.
Saleha’s wedding date gets fixed, her mother-in-law inquires to Shama about Nigar’s absence, Shama tells that Nigar will be back soon. Nigar goes to physician for routine check-up, upon doctor’s inquiry she tells that Taimoor has left her and she is not aware of Saleha’s condition. Nigar gets pissed off and decides not to go to this doctor anymore.
Shama insists Taimoor to bring Nigar back home for Saleha’s marriage but Taimoor refuses. Innocent Shama goes to Zafar’s house to see Nigar; though Nigar through many tantrums but Zafar supports Shama and satisfies her that they all will come to attend ceremony.
Saleha’s condition gets awful day after day but she doesn’t tell anyone. On the day of her Nikah, Shama comes in Nigar’s room to request her to help Saleha in getting ready. Nigar thinks she is jealous of her beauty and taunts her that Shama is afraid of her beauty because it can supersede Saleha’s appearance.
Saleha manages to stay normal during mayoun rituals but her condition gets to extreme and she knocks cataleptic. She is immediately taken to hospital where doctor reveals that she is extremely ill and there are very rare chances of her survival.
Here comes the very emotional moments when Saleha shares her grievances to her husband-to-be (Safdar) and his family that she wants one more day to get a chance for being married so that she could be buried to grave by her confidant. Safdar’s heart melts for her and he decides to marry her anyway and Saleha’s Nikah gets done finally in ICU. The moment they get married, Saleha peacefully closes her eyes for next world.
Saleha’s doctor recognizes Nigar during the Nikah as she asks Nigar to get Saleha’s CT scan done two months ago but Nigar ill-advised Taimoor’s family. Just when the physician about to reveal Nigar’s reality, she gets an emergency call on phone and leaves.

So, the latest set of episodes was a decent-watch especially the later part where the acting done by Saleha is truly commendable, so much so that everyone could feel tears for her. The drama is about to conclude but Nigar’s reality has not exposed yet. Let’s see how things roll out in upcoming episodes. How did you like the latest set of episodes, please share your thoughts!
By Hina Ghaffar

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