Sadia Jabbar Productions’ is known for their unusual unique stories and quality content they produce. One such masterpiece is drama serial Ghamand that airs every Friday at 8:00 pm on A-Plus TV. The drama is scripted by Saira Raza and directed by Asim Ali.
The much acclaimed couple Noman Ijaz and Sunita Marshall is playing the lead roles with Minal Khan in a supporting role. With the stellar cast and best direction and an unusual topic, the drama has stolen the matinee hours of Friday.
So the story is pacing forward and the latest episode reveals that Hani is finally happily married to Haroon but she worries for her child that is in Shaheena’s custody. Shaheena tells her that her child is safe with her and that she could take him back anytime. Hani and Haroon decide to take the child back after Valima.
Maqsood comes back home after four months. Apparently everything seems settled as Ahmed is with Shaheena and Maqsood and Shaheena takes care of Ahmed very well. Maqsood has got heir for his family and Hani has married to the love of her life. But something disturbs Maqsood as he overhears Chandni talking to Maqsood’s mother about Hani’s character. Chandni is sure that Hani is a good woman and that she never even talks to anyone without permission, Chandni doubts that the situation was implanted for Hani.
Maqsood inquires about Hani to Shaheena but she persuades him and ensures him that she is the only one who loves him and thinks about him. Shaheena’s real motive behind Hani’s marriage is to keep Ahmed with her that’s why when Hani comes to take Ahmed back, she refuses her and states her that Ahmed is Maqsood’s child and when mother gets into second marriage, she loses right on child. Hani cries her heart out at this injustice but she had to go back. Haroon promises Hani that he will bring Ahmed back to her at any cost.
The drama is garnering some rave reviews and Sunita Marshall has definitely won over hearts with her flawless acting. How do you like the latest episode of Ghamand, please share your reviews!!

By Hina Ghaffar

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