Our anticipation got satisfied when the most awaited drama serial Ghamand aired last night with a thrilling new episode. The story goes on and on but Shahina’sGhamand” seems to increase with every step she takes. An amalgamation of emotions, envy, helplessness, innocence and pride, this is what we witness in this blockbuster drama serial by Saadia Jabbar Productions. The story takes twists and turns as always, leaving the viewers stunned in shock.
Shahina’s mean games are gradually ruining Hani’s life. She almost succeeds encouraging Maqsood to divorce Umme Hani. Maqsood stubbornly rejects Hani as a wife but Hani surrenders herself to him for the sake of her child. Mumtaz, Maqsood’s mother tries to handle the situation and requests Maqsood to calm down and accept Hani as a wife. Shahina overhears Hani’s submitted ideas about her life and gets insecure for losing her game. Heartless Shahina sits down to plan more schemes to satisfy her pride. What’s cooking in Shahina’s mind now?
Shahina persuades Haroon to visit Hani, by tricking him. All parts of her despicable plan, she meets Mumtaz khala and Maqsood to make them go for divorce. While she sat there, Bakhtaan bibi, Shahina’s maid, approaches and informs Shahina about Haroon’s visit. She uses her utmost tactics to make Maqsood lose trust on Hani and leave her but Maqsood’s mother keeps resisting her moves. She always wanted a grandson, how can she let Hani go?
Giving up, is not in Shahina’s nature. She plays another emotional game with Hani. She tactically induces Hani to leave Maqsood as he no longer trusted her. Moreover she persuades Hani to marry Haroon to save her from losing her son. The most innocent and pure natured Hani seems to be convinced so far. As for Haroon, he also succeeds in gaining his mother’s consent to marry Hani and adopting her child. Does he even deserve Hani? What do you think?
Things are going just the way Shahina wants – every arrow that leaves her bow, hits the bull’s eye. Haroon, Hani, and Maqsood, everyone seems to be under her spell. Will Maqsood leave Hani and his son? Will Haroon be able to marry Hani at last? What about Hani, will she ever stop listening to her wicked so called mother Shahina? We will have to wait for the next thrilling episode of Ghamand to find out. Stay tuned and let us know what you think about this one.

By Asbah Umais

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