Ghamand Episode 22: Haani´s Miseries Seem To Get Even More Miserable!

Things are getting intense as intrigue and self-obsession reach their limits in Ghamand´s latest episode. What an amazing serial by Sadia Jabbar Prouctions, who always creates a new level of excellence with her dramas. Shahina came up with some terrific plans in this episode and revealed that Haroon´s mother wanted him to marry Haani only for the sake of the property possessions.
Haroon got fumed after being told the reality and dropped Shahina home because she acted woozy. Haroon was outraged at the fact that Maqsood Sahab married the girl whom he brought home as his daughter. So are we! The cringe is killing us with disgust. Later when Shahina got home with Haroon, she deliberately left him and Haani unaccompanied in the room to have a discourse and went away to fulfill her evil plans.
We were trying our best to hold back our tears when Haani put her complains in front of Haroon and claimed, “tumhein sunnay ya daikhnay se pehle mein marna pasand karti hun.” What an outstanding depiction of how love can turn into hatred through betrayal and mistrust.
Meanwhile, Shahina sent Maqsood Sahab to Haani´s room so he could see his wife sitting with Haroon. Maqsood got furious and divorced Haani on the spot and asked her to leave the house immediately. Adding to her misery, Shahina took away her son and refused to give him back. How much we hate Shahina for her cruelty and self-obsession!
Shahina used Haani for her personal content, and forcefully married Haani to Maqsood. As soon as she got her purpose fulfilled, she arranged for their divorce and planned for a patch-up between Haani and Haroon. What more misery will she bring to Haani´s life? Will karma ever hit her back? We have to wait and watch what happens next.

By Asbah Umais

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