Khafa Khafa Zindagi - Episode 14: Bilal Faces Snags Handling Kids

Khafa Khafa Zindagi is a sentimental and heart touching story of a devastated family. The serial is being liked my masses because of its sensitive story. Under the banner of Saadia Jabbar Productions, the serial has become a must watch program of the season. The most eye catching performance by young kid Gulzaar wins the hearts and floods the eyes.
The story goes on, as Afroze teases her sister Sara by restating her future plans of marrying Bilal. After much tolerance Sara bursts on Afroze and scolds her for having that ridiculous thought. Afroze however keeps her fruitless efforts to convince Bilal time and again. Eager and determined, isn’t she?
Bilal faces opposition by his colleagues who persuasively protest against his daughter Khirad's presence in office. He tries to resign but his kind boss stops him to do so. He requests Bilal to have patience and assures that “Every little thing – is going to be alright!” So it happens. Soon Bilal gets positive responses from his colleagues but, as expected, Raameen wasn’t one of them. She keeps an unknown contention towards him.
Bilal leaves the office for some work and assigns Gulzar to watch Khirad. Lost in thoughts of his mother, Gulzar leaves the office and sleeps outside the building. When the boss finds Khirad alone and crying, he asks Raameen to take care of her until Bilal comes back. Raameen shows a careless attitude and forgets Khirad in wash basin with tap water running over her. How on earth could anyone do that to an innocent child? Poor baby! Bilal comes back to office and finds her daughter all drenched in water. He yells at Raameen for her inhumane act and Gulzaar for leaving Khirad unattended. He lets his boss know the entire story and about his daughter who got sick afterwards. The kind hearted boss strictly warns Miss Raameen to be careful next time.
Meanwhile in Sara’s office, she gets a big piece of Abid’s mind for a mistake she didn’t commit. She decides to resign but Abid realizes his mistake and reaches her house to apologize to her. He seems to have interest in Sara, don't you feel the same? Anyway Sara's mean mother doesn’t let him talk to Sara even when he insists humbly. What do you think is his intention this time - just to apologize or something more? Is Bilal finding difficulties taking care of the children on his own? Is there any way that the kids can have their mother back? Keep watching Khafa Khafa Zindagi and leave your opinions through your comments.

By Asbah Umais

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