Amar Khan & Irsa Ghazal Are Not the Usual Saas Bahu Duo (Episode 3)

Sadia Jabbar Productions has created some of the most appealing dramas and Dil E Berehem has become one of the dramas in the same list with just 3 episodes that have aired so far. It is very creatively directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and well written by Mansoor Saeed. The main lead roles of the drama are Amar Khan playing as Aiza and Wahaj Ali playing as Tabish.
The drama is themed around love and revenge showing many different scenes of romance, anger, revenge and suspense.
Although the audience should actually talk much about the chemistry between the lead roles Amar and Wahaj, we cannot help but talk about the amazing duo of Amar Khan and Irsa Ghazal who plays as her mother-in-law in the drama.

Amar Khan and Irsa Ghazal have become the soul of the drama because of their chemistry.

In fact, this goes into saying without any doubts that their duo was the highlight of the 3rd episode of Dil E Berehem. The episode has taken the drama entirely on the way towards a much thickened plot showing both the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law having very different motifs and are both proceeding to do anything to succeed with their plans.  
Aiza is holding her side of truth coming from her mother while her mother-in-law holds some of the more major truths of the past. The episode shows many past scenes where we clearly see Irsa Ghazal playing the antagonist of the house, destroying her younger brother-in-law’s life (playing as Amar’s father in the drama) because he refused to marry the girl of her choice.

So Amar Khan plays a very smart daughter-in-law role that has revenge on her to-do list while Irsa Ghazal plays a very cunning mother-in-law role that wouldn’t let anything to reveal the truth.

The conversations that took place between Amar Khan and Irsa Ghazal in the drama also took the spotlights of the drama. Each conversation was intense, heavily dialogued but very smoothly carried out by both the actors. This made each scene between them very believable.
One very significant detail in the chemistry between Amar Khan and Irsa Ghazal that made them the duo worth appreciation was how well they were holding their facial expressions to do justice to the emotion they were displaying. Their dialogue delivery was calm and sweet even when the dialogue itself was intense and dark. We were also stunned with how well their eyes displayed anger while their dialogues were coated with fake warmth towards each other.

Amar Khan and Irsa Ghazal’s chemistry is definitely taking the drama to greater heights.

By Aisha Ahmed

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