DIL E BEREHAM EPISODE 2: An Enticing Tale Of Crime And Revenge

Let’s be real for a minute, a master plan to take revenge has occurred to the best of us at some point in time. The new drama Dil e Bereham shows its characters in a similar struggle, narrating an enticing tale of crime and revenge. The second episode, aired on 16th January, on A-plus, picks up the mood of the drama which had already been set right from the beginning. It kept the audience on its toes in the second episode with the thought provoking storyline and top tier acting.
The episode began with a flashback, which is enough to let the audience know the tension that existed between Tahira (Isra Ghazal) and Mani (Shafqat ullah Khan). It shows their younger selves, and the dislike on Tahira’s face for Mani is evident. This dislike is the crucial element that would build up the plot of the drama. By this point, it had become obvious that Ayeza (Amar Khan) married Tabish (Wahaj Ali) to take revenge of her father’s murder which (spoiler alert!) actually didn’t happen. This episode hit all the right notes to keep the audience glued to their screen, waiting for more.
In the middle of this revenge, a love story also seems to be blooming between Ayeza and Tabish. Ayeza is leading a double life, taking revenge for her parents, also seems to be in love with Tabish. It would be interesting to see how their love story plays out in the middle of a revenge thriller. The OST and its title sequence had been a little misleading, portraying this to be a story of love (and a little pain) between the two protagonists, a very common theme prevalent in the industry at the moment. The first two episodes, however took the audience by surprise, and I believe there is a lot more of that to look forward to in this drama. Would the differences between their parents lead Tabish and Ayeza to sacrifice their love or would they end up sacrificing what they have at the cost of revenge? There is only one way to find out!

By Yusra Waheed

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