Balaa Last Double Episode 39 – 40 – Asli Balaa Kon Hai?

Balaa has finally come to an end with its last double episode that aired on 14th of January on ARY Digital entertainment channel. An extremely well written drama by Zanjabeel Asim Shah which was carried to a great expectation by director Badar Mehmood and producer duo Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa.
A Big Bang production, ended the drama with a real Big Bang and with the last episode exceeding what the audience had expected, it left us all a little shook and a little more thrilled. To put it in simple words, it ended with an impact that is and will be talked about for a long while.

Fabulous acting by all the cast members.

Throughout the drama, we have seen some highly qualified acting skills by all the cast members, but the last episode seemed like it was the episode they had all worked hard on putting more than their capacity and higher than their capabilities. Usha Shah’s performance as a victim and Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance as the antagonist was outstanding in the last episode. The true portrayal of their character and how their life impacted them was clearly visible.

Amazing plot ending that displayed Karma at its best.

Although many viewers are saying that the drama should have moved towards a more natural karma and let the justice be done by the higher power, most of us agree with the well written script that Taimoor was pushed to the boundaries to turn into a monster in order to bring down a monster that killed his entire family.
The last episode begins with Taimoor getting married to Saba and then using her creates a disillusion in front of Nigar so that it will lead her towards a mental breakdown. First, the previous maid is sent with the news that Taimoor has gotten married with Saba. Nigaar creates a fuss in the office, in front of her dad and is later proved wrong because Taimoor has everyone teamed up on his side. A very well planned start of a revenge.
Taimoor’s plan takes next levels as he brings Saba home and when Nigar goes hysterical seeing them both hand in hand, both Taimoor and the current maid deny Saba’s existence.
What I most loved about the last episode was how they showed Taimoor crossing out days after days in the calendar, illustrating that each day he used the tricks to lead Nigar to a mental illness. The doctors give her medication that finally turns Nigar into a lunatic.
After watching Nigar’s behavior getting worse and worse, her own father takes her to Mental Hospital.

Highlights of last episode and dialogue delivery.

Although the entire drama was mind blowing with every scene becoming the highlight of the episode, there were many scenes and dialogues that were the cherry on top for a last episode that were most interesting.
Taimoor sweet talking Nigar that he would love if she cut her hair, which of course makes Nigar cut her own hair. That scene was simply amazing as we see Taimoor avenging Nigar at cutting his mother’s hair. And then telling her that she looks terrible was another act of revenge.
The dialogue deliveries by all cast members were carried out diligently. Taimoor’s “Mai bhi balaa hoon, mai bhi balaa hoon,” was so well said then it touched our hearts.
When Nigar’s father goes to meet his son, Junaid in jail complaining about what is happening and how he is pained, Junaid replies with, “Duniya ke saarey raastay, aakhri safar se asaan hotay hain.”
Another amazing dialogue delivery by Junaid was,”Duniya ki 10 sazao se dar gaye, Akhirat ke 70 sazaao ko kaise bardasht karenge.”
The final scene where Taimoor discloses to Nigar’s father that Nigar was right all along and he has avenged them, leaves a very shocked man full of regrets and no children at hand. He walks towards an old age home, thus leading to everyone to their final ending.

By Aisha Ahmed

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