Dil E Bereham Episode 1 – Clearly Lays the Entire Plot of Love and Revenge

Dil E Bereham is a new drama serial which is produced by Sadia Jabbar Productions. It is directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and written by Mansoor Saeed. The main lead roles of the drama are Amar Khan playing as Aiza, Tabish’s wife and Wahaj Ali playing as Tabish along with a team of veteran cast members including Behroz Sabzwar as Tabish’s father, Irsa Ghazal as Tabish’s mother, Samina Ahmed as Tabish’s grandma and Mariam Nafees as Tabish’s younger sister, Aleena.
The first episode of Dil E Bereham aired on the 8th of January 2018 with an early morning scene where Tabish’s entire family is having breakfast. Tabish’s sister is teased by his brother saying, “ye apni shadi walay din bhi university jayegi.”
A male servant walks in and Tabish’s mother asks him to be careful with Amma Jaan’s (Grandma) meals as her sugar has been very high. Upon hearing this, Aiza insists that she would like to serve Amma Jan. We are then shown that Amma Jaan is always in her room under the supervision of a nurse and she becomes hyper upon seeing Aiza, the reason all the family members stay away from her, because she is suffering from a mental illness. 
The next scene opens in a restaurant where Aleena is sitting with Shehriyar (played by Faraz Farooqui as her love interest) fighting over the fact that he did not come to his brother’s wedding and that was the chance to meet her family. She spots Aiza’s mother (played by Hina Bayat) and goes over to greet her.
A very refreshing exchange of conversation is shown between Aleena and Aiza’s mother and we see that Aiza’s in laws have a very educated and open minded atmosphere. But in the very next scene we see that all is not what it seems.
Tabish’s father reveals that Amma Jaan behaves like this because she never forgets his younger son Maani. Aiza goes back to Amma Jaan’s room to tell her she is the daughter of Maani who is no more. This brings Aiza close to Amma Jaan.
When Tabish’s mother hears about Amma Jaan eating breakfast from Aiza’s hands and showing indication of getting better, this displeases her, she starts interrogating the nurse how and why this happened, and that this shouldn’t happen. Amma Jaan should not get better.
Tabish’s mother visits Aiza’s mother and although Tabish’s mother pretends to be the sweet and charming mother in the house, we see that she hides her real face, plotting conspiracies and controlling people. Aiza’s mother reveals to Aiza that she must be careful because Tabish’s mother wants to repeat what has happened with Maani.
The drama ends with the revelation that Aiza has been sent to Tabish’s house to revenge her father’s death.

By Aisha Ahmed

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