Dil-E-Bereham, A Struggle For Reversal

Dil-e-bereham took a stride with its fourth episode, finally revealing the plot in its true essence, showcasing the heights the characters are willing to take to get their revenge. Such a different and unique storyline, hats off to Sadia Jabbar Productions for such creativity!
If the first three episodes were about Ayeza (Amar Khan) testing her limits and learning about the price of her revenge plan, season four has been all about the emotional fallout, with the fear of her relationship with Tabish being heavily affected. Dil-e-bereham seemed to be a show with two main characters, Ayeza and Tabish. However, as the show is moving forward, the rest of the characters take up center stage from time to time, adding to the plot of the story.
This episode unfolds the complicity of Ayeza’s character, who seems to be morally compromised and emotionally distant, fighting an inner battle. Her mother is shown reminding her the true reason for her marriage with Tabish, when she appears to be struggling with the possibility of her secret being revealed in front of him. The love between the two, seems to be blooming, while ironically, Ayeza is playing out their revenge plan with her mother.
Another highlight of this episode was how quickly and easily Tahira (Isra Ghazal) is showing her true colors. Her strong authority over the house and the family is obvious with her attitude towards Ayeza and her mother, when she doesn’t hold back and lets them know she is afraid of no one. She does not have tone tinged with fake niceness, unlike most of the villainous characters.
The beauty of this show is that it turns everything you think on its head, and it could easily change its course, and all your assumptions would turn out to be false. All in all, with the release of this episode, it feels like things are still just beginning. Schemes are being set in motion, while everything is just sort of lying in wait, waiting for them to be fully deployed. The characters are progressing with their own storylines, merging with the main theme of revenge and love.
Yusra Waheed

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