Some TV shows leave their impact in our real lives so deep that we feel the characters in that TV show as part of our lives, so much so that we laugh and cry with them. One such unique real life tale is Khafa Khafa Zindagi, a signature drama by Sadia Jabbar Productions that airs every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on APlus TV. The drama is written by Kifayat Rodani and directed by Asim Ali.
The story is about Sara (Played by Sumbul Iqbal) and Bilal (Played by Ali Safina) who love each other and get married against their parents will. As the time passes by, love turns into conflicts and blame game due to unwanted interference from their families. The situation leads them to divorce and it seriously affects their two kids Gulzar and Khirad.
So after Sara and Bilal decide for divorce, Sara goes to her mother and Bilal keeps both the children with him. Sara lands a job where Bilal’s friend ‘Abid’ happens to be her manager and Bilal lands a job where Sara’s friend Rameen happens to be his colleague. Rameen and Abid were a couple but get separated due to some conflicts. So the twist in the story is, Rameen has soft corner for Bilal and Abid has a soft corner for Sara. Whereas Bilal and Sara are not officially separated yet! Afroz (Sara’s younger sister) intends to marry Bilal just to convince Sara to get back to Bilal.
So, the latest episode reveals that Gulzar misbehaves with her grandmother and Bilal hit him in response. Consequently Gulzar leaves home. Bilal gets worried and looks for Gulzar everywhere and approaches to even Sara’s family but doesn’t find any clue about him.  Later, Sara finds Gulzar near her home, he tells Sara that he doesn’t want to stay with Bilal rather he wants to stay with Sara, but Sara and Gulzar knew that Sara’s mother wouldn’t tolerate Gulzar and would inform Bilal immediately. So, Sara hides Gulzar in her room and makes excuse to her mother that she is working on some office project.
Sara’s mother has a liking for Abid and she wants Sara to think about him, she invites Abid for dinner at her home without letting Sara know. Sara takes an off from office because of Gulzar and switches her phone off but Sara’s mother has no idea as she is locked in her room. Abid calls at Sara’s home to find out the reason for her off. Sara’s mother doubts and gets into Sara’s room to find out who is in her room. Sara hides Gulzar before opening the room her but forgets to hide the toys he has been playing with.
Okay so you have to wait till next episode if Sara’s mother will find out about Gulzar in Sara’s room. What will be Sara’s next step now? Will they finally divorce each other or fate has something else for them? For more updates, stay tuned to APlus TV and do share your thoughts about the latest episode of Khafa Khafa Zindagi.

By Hina Ghaffar

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