Naulakha, created by 7th Sky Entertainment, has us completely captivated by its rich and engrossing storyline. Starring Sarwat Gilani, Mirza Zain Baig and Kiran Haq, the drama revolves around a Naulakha and the impact a piece of jeweler has on the entire family. Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, the star-studded drama perfectly portrays how sensitive family dynamics really are!

This week’s episode was definitely worth a watch! We see Tehreem opening up about her personal life to Hammad, who is played by Sarwat’s real life husband, Fahad Mirza! It’s such a delight to watch them both on screen together, especially since Hammad keeps proving himself to be a good character, saying the right things, and also being a great friend to her. They share quite a few cute moments in this episode, and we couldn’t stop gushing over them! Tehreem’s friend from work also gives her a reality check, telling her something she already knows - that her marriage is over and it's time for her to move on. There are lots of scenes in this episode where Tehreem is seen reflecting on her conversations with her friends which gives us hope that she might finally talk to Zain as well.

The episode also has powerful dialogues like “Yeh jo khamoshi aapko mere andar mehsoos hoti hai na, uss ka bahut zyada shor hai” said by Tehreem, which really makes us understand what she is going through after all that has happened with her.

Also, remember how in the last episode, Shafaq was worried that Tehreem’s evil eye could be the reason for her son’s illness? this episode we found out that Zain and Shafaq’s son would be needing heart surgery! Kiran Haq gave a convincing performance as a broken hearted mother throughout the episode. 

Bushra Ansari was brilliant as always, playing the victim - deprived of the Naulakha, and the inheritance, and now to find out her grandson would have to undergo a heart surgery.

The episode ended leaving us with so many questions! Will Tehreem talk to Zain and will they sort out their problems? Will she give him the Naulakha back? Will she agree to marry Hammad? We can’t wait till next Tuesday to find out! Stay tuned! 

Written by Ayesha Mansoor.

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