Nayaab’s case is now in Police’s hands; Cheekh Episode 3

The only thing that’s poking me is that weird guy Shariq’s looks when he saw Nayaab climbing up the staircase. We so wonder that HE has something to do with this so called “suicide” but let’s see what the police forces are up to. The Big Bang Entertainment's super hit production Cheekh is winning hearts. The talented Bilal Abbas Khan a.k.a Wajih, and the ever gorgeous actress, Saba Qamar a.k.a Mannat were at Haya’s engagement spot so it can’t be them. What about Yawer? We’ve seen guilt on his face clearly. He even hid Nayaab’s broken bangle when the officer was investigating the crime scene. So who actually is guilty? The story is exciting from the very first chapter.
The third episode kicked off with the inspector interrogating the victim’s father and Yawer at the hospital. He told Mr. Ramzan to register an FIR against Yawer and his family so they could investigate officially. Ramzan, played by Sir Noor-ul-Hassan, acted so well as a father that we had tears in our eyes seeing him in pain. Yawer was okay with the fact that the questioning is valid because Nayaab attempted the suicide in their premises. He even agreed to pay for Nayaab’s medical treatment of about 10 lac Rupees. Nayaab’s step mother, Shamsa being an ill-mannered woman, started bashing and entitling them being the culprits just because they were ‘ameer’. Look! Bad people exist, whether they are rich or poor. Mr. Ramzan didn’t want to file a case against Yawer’s family but Shamsa said that she’d definitely report an FIR against them.
It’s still a confusion if Nayaab had been sexually assaulted and thrown off the roof or had she committed suicide. When Nayaab gets awake, the inspector asked her if she had been forced and beaten but she responds with “Mannat se kahein ke Raaja bhairiya hai.” We wonder who she is calling Raaja but whoever he is, he’s most definitely the wrongdoer. Nayaab died while her father and Yawer’s family was meeting her.
Hats off to the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah who wrote this masterpiece. Now that the Police have Nayaab’s statement ready, we can foresee the sinner behind the bars or hanged. Who do you think did all this? Shariq? And who is Raaja? Let us know what your opinions are.

By Asbah Umais

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