The recent set of Balaa’s Episodes Take Us on a Ride of Emotions

Balaa is the much loved serial that has the power to stick people to their TV screens for entire 2 hours. It is a story of love and revenge but leading towards the type of love that is blinded by selfishness. It is a very unique and original story line written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and produced by our very own Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi.
The entire drama revolves around a girl Nigar, played by Ushna Shah who marries Taimoor, played by Bilal Abbas Khan. With the sole idea to take over Taimoor’s life, Nigar throws a series of traps within which both his sisters lose their life. 
The latest set of episodes is probably one of the most emotional and iconic episodes of the entire series. We are shown that Taimoor’s mother, played by Samina Peerzada is getting close to Taimoor’s ex fiancé, Saba and prefers going to her house rather than staying at home with her daughter in law, Nigar.
In utter jealousy and selfishness, Nigar turns into the Balaa that she is shown throughout the series and when Shama returns home from Saba’s house she cuts away all her hair in order to take revenge. This kind of merciless treatment triggers Shama’s mental illness and she runs off on streets.
As soon as Taimoor finds out about her missing mother, he returns home from Dubai and both Taimoor and Saba set out to find his mother. The drama shows nail biting scenes as Taimoor runs towards each and every hospital and knocks every possible door where his mother could be.
At last, he reaches Edhi home where the news of his mother’s death is announced after suffering from a severe heart attack.
Taimoor is shown coming out of the cold room with his mother’s chopped off hair tied in her black dupatta that she had held so dearly to her heart even in her dying hours.
Bilal Abbas Khan shows true commitment to his character, with well delivered dialogues and an amazing display of emotions as he tries to accept the situation and as he tries to accept that everyone in his family is gone.
The ending of the drama leaves the audience in a huge suspense as Taimoor resolves to prove that he is the real Balaa and will destroy Nigaar for all her acts.
The suspense is already killing us as we wait another week for the next episode.

By Aisha

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