Naulakha Episode 22 – Will Zain Give Divorce To Tehreem?

Naulakha is a production of 7th Sky Entertainment which is written by Sana Shabbir and Reema Ali. The drama is written with a very original script and a fight between the elders to earn material possession within which the young hearts of the family are being crushed and ignored.
The drama has 3 main lead roles starring Mirza Zain Baig as Zain, Sarwat Gilani as Tehreem and Kiran Haq as Shafaq.
These 3 lead roles have displayed the most character personalization seen in Episode 22 as the love triangle between the three is becoming more and more toxic to handle.
The episode starts at the peak of emotions as Tehreem visits their under constructed house with eyes full of tears and a heart full of sadness. As she is roaming around in the empty walls of the empty house, Zain approaches her with love in his voice asking “Apna ghar deikh rahi ho?” to which Tehreem immediately replies that it was not her house, it was Shafaq’s house. Everything is Shafaq’s and nothing was ever hers. To which Zain tries to insist that it still is hers.
The dialogue delivery goes fluently between the two as Tehreem says to Zain that every decision he makes, every step he takes and every action in his life have always been influenced by others and are never his own. Asking for a divorce, Zain tells Tehreem to bring Naulakha and take the divorce that she wants.
Tehreem’s father is shown with a very sensible outlook on why Tehreem is showing such aggressive emotions towards her parents blaming his own wife that her behavior of immense pressure is causing her to isolate her from her own family.
Shafaq is shown with the same sensibility and naivety, consoling Zain that Tehreem will return home. Her full supportive character has won her fans’ hearts making her the most liked character of the drama.
With the good news of Shafaq in the next scene, the house is shown with the much waited happy smiles that they all were waiting for! But Zain says to Shafaq that he won’t be able to handle any bad news for the third time now.
And finally, Tehreem waits in her troubled car, enters a new male lead role, Fahad Mirza who anxiously tries to help Tehreem and also initiates a conversation with care and understanding.
The drama ends with the fight for new house for Tehreem or for Qurat Ul Ain, while Zain parents are still insisting that they should wait for Tehreem as she will return with the Naulakha.

By Aysha Ahmed

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