Big Bang Entertainment’s Cheekh has been making its mark from the very first episode! This new blockbuster serial has been blowing our minds for five weeks now. Directed by the talented Badar Mehmood and penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, this masterpiece is giving a thrill in each episode. The immensely talented actress Saba Qamar as Mannat, is the center of attention who stands against her family for justice. After a long time we are watching a unique story base in a serial – straying our minds from sas bahu dilemmas and troubled love birds. Thanks to the Big Bang entertainment and the production crew, we have a diverse track to look forward to.
If you haven’t had a chance to watch this drama serial from the start, let’s have a quick recap. So, the serial starts with a beautiful plot where a trio of loving friends, Mannat (Saba Qamar), Nayab (Ushna Shah) and Haya (Azekah Daniel) share the beauty of sister-hood together. Nayab, being poor yet innocent, gains all the adoration from Mannat and Haya. Mannat plans a beautiful life for Nayab by making her marry Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan), the younger brother of her husband. But in a disastrous moment everything turns against all odds. While attending the engagement party of Haya, Nayab falls from the roof of the house, breaking her every bone to pieces. Terribly bruised half dead Nayab gets some medical treatments in hospital till she opens her eyes, delivers her statement to the police and finally dies. The mind twisting story begins afterwards leaving everyone in shock.
Mannat always wanted Wajih to marry Nayab as she believed they share love. But Nayab’s statement clearly pointed out Wajih as her criminal which was enough to confuse Mannat and terrify Wajih. Standing against her own family and husband, Mannat starts a fight for justice for her innocent friend. She holds a character that doesn’t know when to quit. The drama serial has given its fifth episode last night, screening some clues but still the questions are unanswered. Wajih tries to put a guilt on his drunk friend Sharik for the crime but the actual story is far more devastating and thrilling. Don’t you guys want to know who killed Nayab and why? Why would Wajih kill her if he loved her? A big question. Let’s not miss the exciting drama serial every Saturday which we believe is definitely going to give you goose bumps.

By Asbah Umais

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