Dil Kya Kare  –Heartwarming Romantic Episode.

Starring Feroze Khan as Armaan and Yumna Zaidi as Aiman, “Dil Kya Kare” is one of 7th Sky Entertainment’s most romantic themed productions which is full of classic dialogues written by Asma Nabeel and co-directed by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.
The drama has catered a huge fan base because of how it has been presented. Even though romantic themes are one of the most used themes of dramas, 7th Sky Production’s “Dil Kya Karey” takes a very different take on presenting love through flashbacks and songs which makes every episode special.

The wordings of the song played on make-believe scenes of Armaan, Aiman and Saadi filled episode 6 with warmth, pain and sacrifice.

You could truly feel what Armaan is going through, losing the love of his life to his own best friend and that too on the condition of not showing his own love to either of them. This has spiced up the episode for audience and has kept us on the verge of knowing what is ahead for the three.

The episode did not have any major development but was on route to a very steady pace towards story development.

Much of the entire episode revolved around Aiman and Saadi happy in their own small world ignorant of Armaan’s feeling whose heart is breaking bit by bit whenever he sees the two together. He is trying his best to hide his feelings but his mother knows what his son is going through and this is increasing her hatred towards Aiman even more.
Armaan’s mother is now prejudiced against Aiman thinking that she used Armaan in order to reach Saadi. Her character towards Aiman is unjust but when you think about her as a mother, you feel her hatred being justified.

Saadi and his father getting attacked by business enemies may be a hint of something major ahead.

We are shown a small scene between Saadi and his father who talk about threats from business enemies and later we see them attacked in the car. Saadi fights back and in process gets a little injured. This may be a hint to the audience that something major, something bad is about to happen in the coming episode.
Saadi and Aiman want a simple wedding but upon insisting Armaan takes Aiman and Saadi’s mother out for shopping where Armaan’s patience is again tested as he hides his love from everyone.

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