Khafa Khafa Zindagi Episode 22 – The drama faces biggest plot twists.

Hats off to Sadia Jabbar Productions for creating such an amazing drama serial that not only portray a very serious social issue but it also brings out the best of life lessons for others to learn from. Written by Kifayat Rodani and directed by Asim Ali, Khafa Khafa Zindagi is currently one of the most seen dramas airing on APlus Entertainment.  

Some major plot improvements and unexpected plot twists.

Episode 22 was clearly a roller coaster ride with so many ups and downs that it was hard to take a sigh of relief even for one single moment. In fact, episode 22 has been one of the most unexpected episodes of the entire series that was throwing one plot twist over the other.
Not a single scene was laid back except for a few scenes between Bilal and Gulzar where he consoles his fears that no one can take them apart and another scene where Amber is continuously rejecting a marriage proposal that Bilal has brought. The acting of the entire cast was simply spot on and the episode was every bit of surprises, shock, emotions, tears and a lot of goosebumps.

The big reveal of Sara’s eldest sister lying about her divorce.

Let’s begin with the suspense from the last episode where we were shown Sara’s eldest sister meeting someone in her office hours. In episode 22 we are shown that she was actually meeting her ex-husband.
This brings out a huge chaos in their house, as their mother drags her home and starts hitting her furiously. The scenes become intense by every second as this eldest daughter, who had been her mother’s pride in the entire series, now turns her back finally revealing that her own mother destroyed her life and that she lied about her divorce just to make her happy.

Sara’s father giving divorce to Sara’s mother was the next unexpected plot twist.

Sara’s father hears all the arguments between his wife and his daughter while in his room. This argument was the trigger to his patience that he had been holding on to for so long.
He walks out of the room, and as he holds his heart being just recovered from a major heart attack, utters the words that no woman wants to hear. He loudly gives “talaak” to his wife while trembling with pain and weakness.

My personal thought on the episode.

Now that Sara’s mother has got divorced, I believe she will now understand what it really feels to hold the tag of divorcee and this will make her realize how wrong she has been towards her daughters’ married life.
This entire situation will also make Sara think again about her decision for the third and final divorce calling which we will see in the next episode.
By Aisha Ahmed

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