Will Mannat Keep Her Silence Against Wajih?.

Cheekh is currently hitting ARY Digital entertainment channel as a very intense and interesting drama by Big Bang Entertainment which portrays a story of love, ego and revenge.  Starring is Saba Qamar as Mannat, Usha Shah as Nayab and Bilal Abbas as Wajih, the incredible acting by the trio topped with highly dedicated producers, Fahad Mustafa and Dr.Ali Kazmi, the drama has  been compelling since episode one. Badar Mehmood’s direction is also credited for such remarkable drama that is being loved by the audience.

In episode 7, the confession of Wajih to Nayab’s death has created a fight between Mannat and Wajih.

The episode starts slow with Mannat emotionally scattered and confused as Wajih tells her all the gruesome details of what happened between him and Nayab and how his selfish ego lead to Nayab’s death. As an extremely loving friend, Mannat just cannot absorb this truth. She seeks consolation from her mother but does not find it of any help as she advices her to forget everything and move on.
We also see how the police are refusing to meet Nayab’s father who comes to the police station to file an FIR but the constable lies to him saying the police officer is out.

The episode gets very interesting with Wajih trying to bribe Nayab’s parents into closing the case yet behaving innocent.

After a few boring scenes, the episode quickly picks up pace with a knock at Nayab’s home and who other than Wajih is at the door as Nayab’s step mother opens it. Wajih puts on his innocent face and tells her that it is customary in their house to pay a small amount to the grieved and hence offers one lac.
The thought of such amount is enough to make Mannat’s step-mother do anything that Wajih would want from her. Wajih offers to pay more than a lac if they close the case to which she agrees but advices Wajih to talk to her husband.

Intense acting by all cast members brings the entire episode to an incredible thrill.

Wajih as we know is the egoistic murderer of Nayab yet the way he is portraying his innocent face as though he is only concerned for them is mind blowing. On the other hand, there is Nayab’s father, a helpless man who is trying to stay strong, is being pressurized to close the case but doesn’t know to get justice.
Mannat trying to tell the truth to Haya as well as her husband was most heartbreaking to watch as both of them refuse to believe Mannat and do not even consider the blame on Wajih.
Will Nayab’s father surrender to the money? Will Mannat keep her silence? Or will they choose to fight for the truth? Keep watching!!!

By Aisha Ahmed

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