Dil-E-Bereham – A Unique Twisted Plot

Sadia Jabbar Productions is known for their unique out-of-the-box stories and quality content. One such masterpiece by Sadia Jabbar Productions is Dil-e-Bereham, a unique tale of love and revenge that is not just very intriguing but also very mysterious. The drama is written by Mansoor Saeed and directed by Syed Ali Raza Osama which airs every Tuesday on A Plus TV at 8:00 PM.
The lead roles are being played by the handsome Wahaj Ali (as Tabish) and Amar Khan (as Ayeza). Lately we are seeing more of this good-looking model and actor on television and undoubtedly he is a phenomenal actor and has been doing complete justice to his role in this drama.
The latest episode carried the story forward where we get to see Alina is getting disturbed by the calls of a girl (namely Bisma) hinting her relation with Alina’s husband and the episode reveals that Ayeza is the one who encourages Bisma to do that. Alina stays at her mother’s place for that reason and no one in the family knows about it except Ayeza. Tabish’s mother offers money to Farah (Nurse for Tabish’s grandmother) to create distance between Ayeza and Tabish, to the level that two of them get divorced. Farah comes to meet Tabish at his office to let him know that she is getting married. Tabish’s mix reactions at this news were so awesome that we have to give full marks to Wahaj Ali for his acting skills.
The overall feel and pace of the drama is superb and the characters are endearing too. The story keeps you intact at every scene and at the end of the episode; you start waiting for the next episode. Let’s see how the story unfolds in upcoming episodes.

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