Dil e Bereham - Episode 8: Farah’s Crafty Appearance!

A tale of revenge strolling over the roads of love, new drama serial Dil e Bereham, is another block buster, brilliantly produced by Sadia Jabbar Productions  who is renowned for her back to back magnificent drama serials. The serial has given its 8th amazing episode last night, adding to the woes and shocks for the viewers. The remarkable cast includes the talented legends Behroze Sabzwari, Irsa Ghazal and Hina Bayat. Under the direction of Syed Ali Raza Usama, the drama has become heart favorite since the beginning. The lead roles are being played by Wahaj Ali as Tabish and Amar khan as Aiza, who is playing a secret game of revenge with her husband’s family.
Aiza and her husband Tabish are cousins, children of two brothers who got separated because of a cruel conspiracy. Tabish doesn’t know that Aiza is her lost cousin and is scheming revenge on his family. Which makes the story more interesting as Tabish’s intense love is confusing Aiza at every step. Imagine what will happen when the ice will break and he will lose all his trust on Aiza. *Shivers!*
Aiza (Amar Khan) is playing an incredible leading role in the drama, mesmerizing the viewers by her eye catching beauty and intense acting skills. Her facial expressions are too congealed that it’s hard to get away from them. The meaningful smiles, thoughtful agitated sighs, deep wet eyes and sudden change of expressions, she is an immensely gifted actress full of acting talents. Hats off!
By now, Aiza and Tabish’s love, has turned into a love triangle, adding Farah, the nurse. Blackmailing Aiza for revealing her secret about her father, Farah takes advantage and drools over Tabish. Farah and Tahira Begum are playing a stressful conspiracy against Aiza which is definitely a trouble alarm. Watch out Aiza! Farah also has strong intentions to marry Tabish and kick Aiza out of his life. It was a striking moment for Aiza when she asks Farah not to take Tabish’s name again but Farah repeats her name with daring expression, “Tabish, Tabish, Tabish”. Aiza doesn’t wait to hit Farah with a swirling slap. That was wonderful Aiza!
On the other side, Alina, Tabish’s little sister, is being used as an ATM machine for her new husband Shehryar and his family. It is so obvious that she is paying off for her mother’s cruelty. As for you Begum Tahira, you shall reap what you sowed. Aiza persuades Tabish to deploy Farah out of his house as she is no more needed, but the cunning Farah soothes her way with her sly nature once again. How long will Aiza be safe from Farah’s blackmailing trickeries? What will be Tabish’s reaction when Aiza’s true intentions reveal? You would never want to miss the next astonishing episode of this awesome revenge story, Dil e Bereham.

By Asbah Umais

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