Dil Kya Kare Episode 9: Will Saadi And Arman Be Able To Save Their Friendship?

This week’s episode had a very melancholy feel to it. The complexity of relationships was the focal point of the episode. Previously, Saadi, played by Mirza Zain Baig, finds out that Armaan is in love with Aiman. This revelation becomes a barrier between the two best friends. However, Arman played by Feroze Khan, is constantly trying to clear the air between them. Although Saadi is evidently upset about this situation, Aiman is unaware of what’s going on.
The pivotal scene of this episode was when Saadi and Armaan came face to face. This was the first time they confront each other about Armaan’s feelings for Aiman. Emotions were running high and it was unusual to see two men resolving their issues without using aggression. Mirza Zain Baig has given one of his career’s best performances as Saadi, portraying the distress his character feels in an outstanding way. Yumna Zaidi has masterfully presented Aiman’s naivety and innocence. However, Feroze Khan steals the show with his brilliant display of emotions. Armaan feels guilt and sorrow when Saadi finds out about his feelings for Aiman and Feroze Khan portrays it effortlessly.
The veteran actor Mareena Khan as Rumeesa is actually the sole of the drama as she is playing a malicious role and we cannot help but hate her. In this episode, Rumeesa asks Saadi to keep Aiman away from Armaan and suggests that he and Aiman should move out of the country.
The whole episode revolved around the uncertainty and complications of Saadi, Armaan and Aiman’s relationship. Only time will tell what the future has in store for this trio.

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