The Revenge Plot Thickens

Dil-e-Bereham surely has a complex premise for a drama serial, and that is what has kept the audience glued to the screens every Tuesday. So far, we have been keeping up with Ayeza’s revenge plan, which keeps getting darker with every upcoming episode. This Sadia Jabbar’s production is as intriguing as it is unpredictable, Dil-e-Bereham knows how to satisfy its audience, and the blooming love story in the middle of revenge has kept us hooked.

In the latest episode, Ayeza and Alina’s issues in their married lives are front and center. On one hand we see Farah jeopardizing Ayeza and Tabish’s relationship as she has been paid to do so. She has managed to trap Tabish pretty badly this time by tricking him to come to her place, and mixing something in his drink that makes him lose him consciousness. We don’t see Tabish getting out of this easily, and this would surely heighten the doubt in Ayeza’s mind. Alina finally goes back home after her in laws come to pick her up, and she looks happy with Sheheryar again, but this happiness definitely won’t last long. We see the thorn in her love life, Bisma, letting Ayeza in on her plan to create misunderstandings between Sheheryar and Alina as she reveals that Sheheryar still wants to marry her. Apparently, Sheheryar married Alina only on his parents’ pressure, for her father’s money.Dil-e-Bereham shows that the key to revenge is to exploit your opponent’s weakness, and this episode was all about that. Where Ayeza was helping to plot an evil seed in Alina’s life, she is facing the same situation in her relationship with Tabish. Even though it is all a big set up, we can tell that Tabish is her weakness, and her mother in law has managed to hit her where it hurts. As the drama continues to shift its alliances with every episode, we can’t wait to see how Ayeza’s revenge plan would pen out, and how much she would end up losing in midst of this all.Amar Khan and Wahaj Ali have managed to do justice to their characters with their top tier acting; the power packed cast provides the right amount of oomph to this enticing storyline of revenge and love. By Yusra Waheed 
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