Dil e Bereham - Episode 13: Shehryar in a Sheer Dilemma

The brand new episode of Sadia Jabbar Productions’ Dil e Bereham truly exceeded all expectations. The episode started off with a stunning scene and so it went on in a flow, keeping us all on our toes till the very last minute. This amazing drama serial possesses a unique quality to keep the viewers amazed. In every episode a new secret is explosively revealed and you end up wondering what’s going to come next. This exclusive quality of Dil e Bereham has turned it into a craving to all the drama buffs.
Aiza, played by the gorgeous Amar Khan, endures the pain of her missing husband, disregarding the intention she came to that house with. This wasn’t her plan and she wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Tabish, but eventually love conquers her vengeance. Instead of plotting and acting against every member of Tabish’s family, including him, Aiza has fallen hopelessly in love with Tabish, and ends up disappointing her mother. Meanwhile, Tabish who is repeatedly swinging between abuse and dignity, struggles fruitlessly for his freedom from Farah’s captivity.
Aiza has been a victim of another shock in this episode. She is rendered speechless when Farah reveals her true identity to Aiza. She is quite surprised that she had been accidentally involved in a triangle of revenge games. Tahira begum had been planning a reprisal against Aiza, using her dead sister’s daughter, Farah. It is a devastating moment for Aiza, as she is forced to fight for her love, as well as her sick father’s misery.
Finally, Alina finds the courage to convey her greedy father-in-law’s message to her own father. Having a lot of experience of dealing with people, he could see exactly what Shehryar and his family is up to. He makes it very clear to Shehryar’s father to forget about Alina, as he understands that his heart attack was a mere drama. Shehryar and Alina are finally forced to separate their ways which makes Alina really upset. As innocent as Alina is, it quite difficult for her to doubt Shehryar’s sincerity towards her.
Shehryar (Faraz Farooqui) plays a beautiful role here, of a man who is a puppet on strings. He was forced to marry Alina by his parents, because they wanted to use Alina as an ATM machine for them. He didn’t love her initially, but eventually started caring for her and felt ashamed asking her for monetary assistance. He had put in honest efforts to forget his girlfriend just to be sincere with Alina, who loved him selflessly. He is quite aggressive towards his parents, who used him for their own benefits. Since he realizes Alina’s intense love for him, he starts to lean towards her and go against his selfish parents. But eventually, he slips his tongue before Alina, immediately realizing that he has made a big mistake. Shehryar made it quite clear to Alina that he didn’t marry her of his own will. This revelation, for Alina, is going to be quite hard to digest.
Once again, it is an episode full of paralyzing moments. Emotion, shock, grief and agitation fills this episode up and keeps us spellbound till the very end. The story flows smoothly, yet manages to surprise you with every scene. There are so many dilemmas to be solved, and it seems difficult to wait 6 more days for the next episode of Dil e Bereham.

By Asbah Umais

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